All Good Winter products are handmade from natural leathers which will age with time. 

Nature has already left its distinctive mark on leather long before the conceptions of designers take shape. The abundance of individual skin characteristics makes each piece unique. Please see section on Vegetable Tanned Leather below.

We believe that all our leather products are unique, as every scratch, stretch and scar tells the tale of the wearer.

Dirt and marks can be removed with warm water and a clean cloth. Lightly rub over the mark to ensure you do not take away any of the leather finish. Lighter colour leathers are delicate so please take extra care.

Water marks on your product can be dabbed with a dry cloth and allowed to dry naturally. 

Keep your leather bags stored in a dry place.



Every hide is unique and has tonal variations, small marks or scars are natural features and should not be considered faults. Vegetable tanning is an age old tradition, so the tanneries who supply our beautiful vegetable tanned leathers have very skilled craftsmen producing and dyeing the leather.

These full grain leathers have no synthetic covering and are sensitively finished by hand. Due to the natural tannins used, our leathers develop and change over time darkening and creating their own unique patina.  

The ageing process of our leathers gradually enhances the personality of your bag and shouldn't be avoided. The reason our materials are so valued is because they require much more time and skill to develop than their processed cousins. 

We appreciate the beautiful natural materials we work with and see it as our duty to respect their provenance. 



Your handbag's vegetable-tanned leather and will require a little care. Your bag has been coated with a gentle protection cream however, it is important that you follow the guidelines below.

For the first month of actual use, try and avoid taking the bag out in wet weather. This should give the fibres sufficient time to become more flexible and therefore less likely to react to water.

After the first month of use any spots of water or rain can be gently wiped into the leather, rather than allowing droplets to just sit on the surface. When your bag is new please be aware that excess dye may still be on the outside edges.

If you are trying to avoid scratches, we suggest you apply a boot polish, Vaseline, beeswax, Dubbin or saddle soap (these can all be found at your local shoe shop). These products coat the leather with a protective finish that will make it more durable. Please ensure you use only a clear colour.

Also be aware that the leathers are dyed and as such for the first few wears they may transfer a small amount of colour onto clothing. This is a typical characteristic of vegetable tanned leathers and will mean that your bag ages beautifully.



Do not store near heat as this could – and probably will - dry out the leather. Leather is a natural material and with use, your bag will develop some marks or scratches. Don't try and avoid this it'll gradually wear in the leather and will add to the bag’s uniqueness.

Care should also be taken to avoid colour transfer from dark clothing onto light leathers and also from dark leathers onto light coloured clothing.